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3D Mandala Wall Art | Multilayered Wooden Mandala | Colored

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📍 13,8 in (35 cm) in diameter
📍 19,7 in (50 cm) in diameter


🌲 NATURAL - Wood Color
🖌 COLORED - See Photo

Thickness: 1,26" in Total / 8 Layers of 0,16 in (4 mm) plywood each layer.


👍 Innovative Designs. Suitable for any interior and will fill the room with warm coziness, be it an apartment, studio or office. Great number of different colors and variations. Anyone can adjust the design to have a perfect match with the interior.
👍 No Sweat. Our wooden mandala are easy to install. No external tools or special skills are needed. Have fun with your family and friends and complete the installation in no time.
👍 Durable Packaging. Reliable packaging made to endure any conditions and preserve the quality of your mandala intact. All parts are embedded into a styrofoam to ensure security.
👍 Customisation. We will be happy to create a custom-made mandala for you — all you need is to contact us with your idea, and we’ll make it real.
👍 Your Personal Designer. Can’t decide which mandala will suit you best? Contact us and our designers will help you pick a decor based on the photos of your interior.


⏳ You’ll need a few minutes for assembly, even children can do it. Spend a great time with your family.
🩹 The mandala attaches to the wall with premium clear double-sided sticky tape, included in every package.
💡 Easy to remove from the wall without any damage, just use the fan and slowly take it off.


🧑🏼‍🎨 Each Mandala is handmade and made with professional precision, high-end equipment and just a tiny bit of love.
♻️ Eco Birch Plywood
🎨 Premium Hypoallergenic paints (Please note that the paint color may seem different as it is painted on real wood with unique structure)
👨🏼‍🔬 Guaranteed quality and reliability. Professionally made from birch plywood, from 6 mm thick (0.24 inches) each layer.


🕔 Please allow up to 5 days from the moment of the order for us to create, pack and send the map to the specified address. We ship from Ukraine as international order — usually the package will arrive in 2 to 5 days depending on your location.
🕔 We will also provide you with the tracking number and online tracking link so you can oversee the shipping process first-hand.
🕔 In case of any shipment issues, we will be able to help you and we take full responsibility for the shipping process.
🕔 In case the shipment is lost, you may report it within 45 business days in order for us to help you and file a missing mail search on your behalf with the carrier. We do not take responsibility for lost shipments beyond 45 days time frame
🕔”In Transit” status means that your package is on the way to the final destination and will arrive soon.


Please note, that due to the big dimensions of the package you will be obliged to pay customs and import taxes. The amount of taxes depends on your country's law and must be clarified individually.
You can check the approximate customs fee on the link

Thank you for shopping at Green Borsch!

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you with any questions! 🤝